Game Release: Shit in Trump's Bed

Based on the true story of my adventure to America to shit in the bed of the leader of the free world... 

... please enjoy this very short point and click adventure that should last around 5 minutes. 10 if you turn on the telly.

I started this all as a bad joke and thankfully the end result was a bad joke. Lovely stuff. 

Whenever I was bored of making "The Office" I'd jump onto "The Shit game" and it ended up being a pretty swift endeavour. I'm not sure I'll return to the world of adventure games for a while, so I hope someone enjoys this!

If this game does prove to be popular, look out for the soon to be released Smell-o-vision DLC.  

Anyway... turn the volume up and apologises in advance. 



SITB - 69 MB
Aug 31, 2020
Apr 13, 2020

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