Game Release: The Adventures of Mild Panic v1.0.

I do not know what I am doing.

From pretending to know how to code, to the non-existent marketing, to fraudulent polite nodding as I review the most basic concepts of international taxation. 

What I do know is that is something of a love letter to the people I've worked with for the past year. Those strange, strange people. McConnell really is a mystic trickster. Helen really did spread a grand lie that she can play an instrument. Most of what contained within is based on some from of truth. Even the microwave list. Especially the microwave list. When I started I knew I wanted to make an adventure game, but would never have guessed the end result. After making a single room for the first time I innocently asked my boss if he wanted to be in that room. This game popped out.

What does everyone in the game, think of the game? They play-tested it and loved it... yes even Gina. The tutorial came about from those that had never played a game before, much less an adventure game. 

If you would like to throw money my way that's pretty damn cool, but it wasn't why I bothered to cobble this game together. Remember the no idea what I was doing bit?

Also, big-up the microwave. My most treasured object within the game (try leaving it turned on). So please enjoy and try not to listen to the songs over and over. You will go mad.

Love, Scott.


The Offfice (not that one) - 258 MB
Mar 22, 2020
The Offfice (not that one) - 281 MB
Mar 22, 2020

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